The word processor that can check your math


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Lurch now supports full mathematical typesetting of math expressions in either TeX or calculator notation. This is a major release, following version 0.7992.  See release notes here.

Watch a video of the new features:

Mission Statement

  1. Lurch should be as indistinguishable from the ordinary activities of mathematics as possible, except for the additional services it provides. That is, it should only add to your math experience, not change your math experience.
  2. Lurch should provide the software infrastructure the mathematical community needs for validating rigorous mathematics. That is, it should validate mathematical content created by you — a “spell-checker” for mathematical rigor.



TeX-enabled word processor done and thoroughly tested
built on OpenMath for unambiguous semantics done and thoroughly tested
JavaScript engine for customizing validation done and thoroughly tested
several math topics built in several now, more coming
users can add new math topics easy for any mathematician to do — no programming required!

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