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Why is my list of topics empty?

This question applies only to Lurch 0.75.  In Lurch 0.76, improvements were made to make this confusing situation far less likely, if not impossible.

When you run Lurch for the first time after a clean installation the Introductory Dialog that comes up may offer to modify your search paths.  If you do not accept this offer, or if your search paths change after installation as a result of moving the Lurch installation, renaming folders, etc., you can easily repair your search paths. Just click on Help>Show introductory dialog and if it offers to modify your search paths at the bottom of the Introductory dialog, be sure to click on the link that allows it to do so.

Here is an example of the Introductory dialog offering to repair broken or missing search paths (shown on Mac OSX).  Click the link at the bottom to allow it to add those search paths so it can find the Topics and Dependencies it needs.

The Introductory dialog offers to reset broken search paths.

Note that after you click on the link at the bottom you have to completely close and restart the Lurch application (File>Exit) for the paths to take effect.

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